Until 17th May you can only leave the UK for essential travel but there is nothing stopping you booking a holiday for later this year or even 2022/23.

All you need to do now is work out where you want to go or should I say where you are allowed to go! There is no doubt there is pent up demand for travel right now but not all borders are open and depending on where you are returning from you may have to quarantine or self isolate.


Struggling with what to think of first? As we wait for the world to open back up to travellers I would suggest starting by making sure the country you want to visit is not on the UK Governments Red List UK Govt COVID-19 Red List Travel Ban Countries . Once you have a destination in mind check the FCOs travel advice Foreign travel advice - GOV.UK ( to see if their borders are open to UK travellers and what you may need to do in order to travel there. Nearly all countries have testing requirements before you travel there and some even insist you take out specific COVID insurance, evidence of which you must produce on landing.

If all of this sounds stressful and you still need something to look forward to just book later this year or take advantage of some of the early bird booking offers for 2022 and even 2023! Many companies have book with confidence policies which protect you and your money.

Happy to help you through the new travel maze – just email me or call me on 07971 568165